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All samples

File retrieval and preparation

Get the metadata, which includes sample name, rna extraction batch, clean up batch, behavioural test, viral load, colony location, and colony ID

metadata <- read.csv("./metadata.csv", row.names=1)

Retrieve first row of the counts file, which will be the sample ID

rawcounts <- read.table("./counts.tsv", nrows=1)
colnames <- as.character(rawcounts)

Get rawcounts

  • row.names: use the first column as the row names
  • col.names: use the column names we retrieved above as column names
  • check.names: in this instance prevents R from prepending an “X” to the column names
  • skip: skip the first row because it’s just the sample ID
rawcounts <- read.table("./counts.tsv", row.names=1, col.names=colnames,

This has the effect of putting the rawcounts columns in the same order as the metadata rows. This is required by DESeq2

rawcounts <- select(rawcounts, rownames(metadata))

Check that they are now in the same order

all(rownames(metadata) == colnames(rawcounts))
## [1] TRUE

DESeq2 object

Create the DESeq2 object specifying viral load as the condition of interest

dds <- DESeqDataSetFromMatrix(countData = rawcounts, 
                              colData = metadata,
                              design = ~ viral_load)


dds <- estimateSizeFactors(dds)

Extract the normalised counts
If the normalized argument were specified as FALSE then we would extract the raw counts from the object

normalised_counts <- counts(dds, normalized=TRUE)

Variance stabilising transformation

This is a logarithmic transformation that moderates the variance across the mean
blind = TRUE ensures that the transformation should be blind to the sample information given in the design formula. This is important when performing quality assessment

vsd <- vst(dds, blind=TRUE)

Extract the vst matrix from the object

vsd_matrix <- assay(vsd)

Compute pairwise correlation values

vsd_correlation <- cor(vsd_matrix)


Viral load

pheatmap(vsd_correlation, annotation = select(metadata, viral_load))

Behavioural test

pheatmap(vsd_correlation, annotation = select(metadata, behavioural_test))

Colony location

pheatmap(vsd_correlation, annotation = select(metadata, colony_location))


Viral Load

plotPCA(vsd, intgroup="viral_load")

Behavioural test

plotPCA(vsd, intgroup="behavioural_test")

Colony location

plotPCA(vsd, intgroup="colony_location")